An experience with the Japanese way of tea

1:06 AM

Today(supposed to be yesterday as to the time I'm blogging about this), Karie, Kedrick, Khar Wei and I went to Kedrick's Japanese language teacher's house to learn about the 日本茶道.

There was a few Obasans dressing in Kimono and a young guy dressing in Hakama teaching us how to drink ocha in a polite manner. It was supprising that most of the time I drink ocha straight away in Japanese restaurant, and this time so many steps have to be performed before tasting the first dip of the tea.

After learning about the way of tea, we had a fluff talk with each other, luckily I can still comprehen and communicate with them with my broken Japanese, XD.

There was also a foreigner family, German I think, who also came to learn about this Japanese culture. To my surprise, the German kid was able to chat with a few Japanese kids there so fluently that they're literally chatting like a native speakers, which is quite embrassing for Karie and I who learnt Japanese for quite some time.

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