Visiting Yihao in GH

9:19 PM

Today is one of my first times to wake up on 12 on Saturday(usually I overslept on Saturdays), because I'd invited Vern Khye to visit Yihao. Though I wasn't able to contact Vern Khye since he didn't answer the call, I consider he's still sleeping, so I went by myself.

When I reach GH Yihao brought me to his bed, he wasn't able to speak since he hadn't open his sews, but we chatted there for like 3 hours or so, through his non-verbal communication like hand gestures and writting plus drawing. He'll be here till next friday before he open his sews, that means staying there for 2 weeks.

Well, this reminds me of my times in GH, the slowest 2 weeks in my life when I went for my spinal fussion surgery for scoliosis. The time, my activity was restricted due to my spinal cord was hurt and thus wasn't able to control my left leg efficiently. Till now I still unable to run, and sometimes my left leg shakes itself while I sit.

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