After a year blogless life...

6:19 PM

So I dumped my old CJB blog in late 2008, and started once new in 2009 in blogspot, but then after few blogpost I'm lack of motivation to blog again.

Need to buck up and start blogging again so that in my later life, I can look back my old blogpost and see how life was during my teenage :)

In 2008, I did blog a lot, everywhere I go I shoot photos and post new blogpost about it, I do get traffic from my circles, but the thing is it makes me delusional, make me think that I'm a celebrity while I appear just like a drunker.

So in 2009 I try to move my blog host from CJB to blogspot, my CJB even expires!

Before I anounce my new blogspot, I already dump my blog again! *ish~~

Here on from 2010 in blogspot, I'll try to post less nonsense like I used to in CJB and will keep blogging at least 1 blogpost a month.

Need your support as well :)

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