First Peek into Google Buzz

11:40 PM

Just few days after official launch of Google Buzz.

As we can see on the screenshot, Google Buzz is almost a combination of Twitter and Facebook.

Having "following" and "followers" functions makes Buzz kinda Twitter-ish while the additional "like" functions is pretty much an idea from Facebook.
Despite Google Buzz doesn't have "revolutionize the internet " and getting "Fuyoh!" reaction from the market like Google Wave, I find it useful in certain areas.

For example, we all know you can link your online activities like blogging with twitter, but not without any plugins (like using Twitter Tools for wordpress). In Buzz, however, it is simple to link your blogger's post to Buzz with some simple clicks (since Buzz and Blogger are both Google products), you can even link other products' activities with Buzz, even twitter!

Did I forget to mention... that Buzz doesn't have character limits like 140 characters in twitter?

Also, since it's Google, you can easily search through all your Buzz's like as you do on your Gmail.

In the end, I should summarize Buzz with the following Pro's :
* easy to use, intuitive.
* linking all your activities directly (Blogspot, Picasa, Twitter, Google Reader, Youtube, Flickr etc)
* no limits
* no need sign up account if you have Gmail(or other Google Products)
* googling (A.K.A. searching) the Buzz'es easily
* commenting on Buzz which Twitter lacks and Facebook has.

And the Cons:
* privacy perhaps...
* not everyone uses Gmail as their primary email (thus I think google is trying to make everyone use Google-branded products)

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