How coin tossing helps in critical decision making

3:54 PM

It's common to face a 2 options decision in life, yes or no, do or don't, face it or leave it, grow up or give up etc. In such situation, coin tossing in a certain extend helps in making decision.

  1. Step1
    State your question as a choice between two options

    The coin only has two faces so you can only decide between two options by tossing a coin. State the question clearly in your mind.

  2. Step2
    Decide which option will be represented by heads and which by tails

    It doesn't matter which is which but make sure you are clear about the choice each face represents.

  3. Step3
    Toss the coin

    Toss the coin so it flips over several times. Catch it with one hand and place it on the back of the other hand with the catching hand covering it. Don't look at the coin just yet.

  4. Step4
    Ask yourself this question:

    "When I uncover the coin, do I want to see heads or tails?"

    If you can answer that question, then that is the correct decision for you. Don't even bother looking at the coin.

    If you don't really care which face of the coin is showing, you might as well let the toss make the decision for you.

    Disclaimer: Never make important decisions based on coin toss, Kakynology is not liable for any outcomes for coin-toss decision makings.

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