Pantang Larang CNY - do you bother?

10:11 PM

In this age, most of the typical Chinese do not know and/or bother about the Do's and Don'ts of 新年初一(CNY first day).

For an average teenage, the only thing we know might just be the "do not sweep the floor" as it means sweeping away prosperity.

As a sceptic, I do not avoid doing the don'ts superstitiously but rather just follow some for the sake of tradition.

Frankly, there are lots of Pantang-Larang in CNY 初一 , just to list a few that I think most do not know:

1. Do not wake someone up, let him/her wakes up himself/herself with alarm etc.
failure in doing so will result to making him/her procrastinate a lot in the next year

2. Do not take noon nap
failure in doing so will result to laziness in the next year

3. Do not wash your hair
signify washing away of luck

4. Make some shit. At least once!
failure in doing so will result to constipation for the next year

5. Do not chase your debtors for debts (of course your can chase for Ang Paus, Hehe...)
failure in doing so will result to having a lot of bad debts for the year

Living in a liberal family, we have no problems wearing black in the 初一. Both my mom and dad wears black this year (I wear red though, just letting the red reminds people for the red packet thingy *cough~*)

My 95-year-old grandpa even have no problem mentioning the word "death" for a couple of times, saying jokingly with us that he doesn't wanna die even after 100 years old...

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