Happy 2nd Aniversary to The State Government.

1:25 AM

It's been 2 years after the "political tsunami" in Malaysia which changes the Penang State Government.

Like most Penangites, I was one of those who gets excited when the GE announced the change in State Government. The excitement was primary for the bandwagon of "Change" which is commonly used in Leftist's Party as a propaganda.

This excitement gets more when the new CM, Lim Guan Eng announced his will in making Penang the first state in Malaysia with free wifi access within 2 years. For this, many people has refused to/procrastinated to sign up new broadbands like P1, Digi etc in hope of getting the free wifi access.

Today, 2 years has passed.
Do we have wifi access? Yes.
For free? Yes.

However, most of the free wifi access are not by the State Government.
The State Government official wifi's the coverage barely penetrates the citizen's residential area.
The only one I recalled I last accessed was in Penang Chinese Hall through redtone.

It has more hassle than any other free wifi spots like Starbucks' :

First, you have to register in order to login and access.
Next you have to load the ads before you can start surfing.

I'm sure Starbucks' or any other free open wifi beats Penang State's wifi in terms of coverage (we have lots of restaurants with free wifi, mostly open) as well as in terms of hassle free.

Other than in terms of wifi, the change in Penang is barely noticeable unless you're a politically-conscious person.

I'm also happy to see the grow in our CM, I recalled the time I saw him giving speech on the 2009 countdown, being a CM, he still acted like an opposition.
This year, in the last Man's Day (7th day of CNY), he speak much more professional (duller in some sense also.. XD).

Perhaps his growth has something to do with recent criticisms by others especially his allies.

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