Sensitive issue in Malaysia

9:06 PM

Sensitive issue is also an issue, Malaysian leaders should not divert attention or avoid answering question on their political stance. Avoiding answering question on your political stance doesn't make that issue disappear, it just advertises your indecisiveness.

When MCA and Gerakan question Pakatan's leader on their stance on Hudud and Islamic country, only Karpal Singh a firm assertion of NO! to this political standing. DSAI, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng remain silent on this matter. Karpal Singh contests under my district, and he'd definitely earned my vote for his assertiveness.

I'm sure Lim Guan Eng doesn't mind Malaysia being Islamic country and Hudud applying in Malaysia as long as he is in power. After all, being a Catholic, he doesn't mind taking praying incense on Penang Hokkien's "Pai Ti Kong" night, how would he care about his political stance when he can't even stick to his own (Catholic) religious standing? He's just a FCUKING Machiavellian!

Meanwhile, I saw ads in Sin Chew (MCA-owned Chinese daily) which is trying to earn some votes by spreading Islamophobic messages (ie. voting PR = voting for Hudud, no concerts, no pork, no parties). I fail to understand how can UMNO remain silent when their ally(MCA) is trying to earn votes by promoting Islamophobia.

Last few years, when Najib was trying to invite PAS to join BN, I also failed to understand how can MCA remain silence when they are so Islamophobic.

It seems that Malaysian political leaders have developed a skill, to remain silent when the people question what their ally advocates (which contradicts their own political stance), and that's very uncool.

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